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What are democrats?

One of the two major parties in the U.S.A. . Generally they are anti-war, pro-choice (abortion), and are found in most large cities and along coastlines. ^This is true, but (MORE)

Why does the Democrat call themselves Democrat?

Many Democrats on the west coast of the United States of America dosee the anti-slavery politician Tomas Jefferson who lived long agoas their hero. His party was called the De (MORE)

Why are you a democrat?

Because I know every private employer in America is dependent in some way on public investment -- whether it's roads and water systems or Courts and Clerks offices or police a (MORE)

Who is a Democrat?

Anybody can be a member of the Democratic Party. The DemocraticParty, like the Republican Party is made up of the 50 DemocraticParties in the individual states, and Puerto Ric (MORE)

What are the diffence between democrat and Democrat?

A Democrat is a member of the Democratic Party, a democrat is someone who generally believes in principles of democracy. A democrat can be a Republican. That is someone who em (MORE)

Which is better democratic or non democratic?

It depends entirely on your political perspective. Additionally,non-democratic can refer to a wide variety of different statesranging from salutary dictatorships to military j (MORE)