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What are the uses of demography?

Demography is very important as it is used in the analysis of therelationships between the cultural, social, biological, andeconomical process that influences a given populati (MORE)

What is demography?

Demography is the study of population such as it's economy, education, family size, education, household income, race, gender, occupation, and age. Demography is the study o (MORE)

What is the demography of Pakistan?

PAKISTAN is a country of the south Asia surrounded by India (in the east), China (in the north), Afghanistan (in the west), Iran (in the southern west) and the Arabian sea (in (MORE)

Demography of England?

The demographics includes information about a specific locationincluding the population, average age of residents, religion, etc..The demographics of England based on the 2011 (MORE)
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What is apocalyptic demography?

Apocalyptic Demography- The labelling of older people as a burden to society, also called "catastrophic" or "voodoo: demography. Gee described apocalyptic demography as 'an (MORE)