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What are the uses of demography?

Demography is very important as it is used in the analysis of the  relationships between the cultural, social, biological, and  economical process that influences a given po (MORE)

What is demography?

Demography is the study of population such as it's economy, education, family size, education, household income, race, gender, occupation, and age. Demography is the study o (MORE)

Demography of England?

The demographics includes information about a specific location  including the population, average age of residents, religion, etc..  The demographics of England based on th (MORE)

What is an example of demography?

Demography is the statistical study of human population. It can be a very general science that can be applied to any kind of dynamic human population, that is, one that change (MORE)

What is the demography in Poland?

The present demographics of Poland include around 39 million people (with something like 2 million presently living elsewhere in Europe). The vast majority of Poles are Roman (MORE)
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What are the importance of demography?

Demography is very important, because when a country do demography then the government knows the population of the country and then the government knows how to distribute the (MORE)