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What is a demon?

a demon is an entity, or another name for it would be a fallenangel. if you know who the devil is or his other name now is Satanthen demons are the servants of the devil.if yo (MORE)

Are you a demon?

No, I am not a demon! I am (like you?) a normal human being, ... but I can't answer for anyone else or any other entity who might read this question. I on the other hand am a (MORE)

What are demons?

Demons are evil spirits that try to harm living people. Ive never seen one but i have on tv and they do not look like they are kind at all. They are very scary and anger gives (MORE)

What can demons do?

I don't think there is one answer that reflects the views of all Buddhists traditions so I'll share my own view and understanding. Demons are used by some Buddhist teachings a (MORE)

How do you get a demon?

if you play with a Ouija board. . actually there are many different ways one can "get a demon" or become possessed. the Ouija board is certainly one way to do so, but is not (MORE)

Why are there demons?

Demons hold many connotations across a diverse playingfield of religions. Each religions puts demons in a differing place and level of importance or influence. In the Christia (MORE)

How Do You Get A Demon After You?

You don't want one, trust me it's far too much stress and pain for a human mind to go through. Just never ask for one. Demons are the bringers of pain, with knowledge that is (MORE)

What can demons do to you?

If you are a student of Christianity and scripture, they can do literally nothing that you do not permit them to do. They allegedly can try to influence you, but if you have d (MORE)

Why are demons after you?

Demons can go after you for many different reasons. One that ismost common is that the demon is weak and wants a soul. If you think demons are after you though, you might wan (MORE)