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Are demons bad?

Demons are the utimate in evil. There is only one other that is more evil and he goes by the name Satan. Demons were actually angels in Heaven, as was Lucifer (Satan's Heavenl (MORE)

Who is the Demon of Razgriz?

The Demon of Razgriz is believed to be "the demon from the North Sea." It is said that when history witnesses a great change, this entity called Razgriz first revealed himself (MORE)

What is Japanese for demon?

There are many words, depending on which type of demon or what folklore it originated from. Some are: 鬼 /o ni/ [ghost-like apparition, ogre] , 悪魔 /a ku ma/ [devil, demo (MORE)

What powers do a demon have?

they can hover, control people with thoughts, super strength, super speed, use shadows, burning touch, use mirrors as gateways or portals, drain energy, possess humans and ani (MORE)

Are vampires demons?

  Yes they are, a demon refers to anything that has evil characteristics, and, through myth, vampires are by nature 'evil'.
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What are demons?

Demons are evil spirits that try to harm living people. Ive never seen one but i have on tv and they do not look like they are kind at all. They are very scary and anger gives (MORE)

What can demons do?

I don't think there is one answer that reflects the views of all Buddhists traditions so I'll share my own view and understanding. Demons are used by some Buddhist teachings a (MORE)

What can demons do to you?

If you are a student of Christianity and scripture, they can do literally nothing that you do not permit them to do. They allegedly can try to influence you, but if you have d (MORE)

How do you get a demon out?

demons usually eat your soul and kill you... if there eyes are  black throw holy water on them and say this " regnea terrae,  cantata dea psallite aradia
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What is a demon?

a demon is an entity, or another name for it would be a fallen  angel. if you know who the devil is or his other name now is Satan  then demons are the servants of the devil (MORE)