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What is a demon?

a demon is an entity, or another name for it would be a fallenangel. if you know who the devil is or his other name now is Satanthen demons are the servants of the devil.if yo (MORE)

What are demons?

Demons are evil spirits that try to harm living people. Ive never seen one but i have on tv and they do not look like they are kind at all. They are very scary and anger gives (MORE)

What can demons do?

I don't think there is one answer that reflects the views of all Buddhists traditions so I'll share my own view and understanding. Demons are used by some Buddhist teachings a (MORE)

What is a inner demon?

An inner demon is mostly considered as in "You are your own worst enemy" It could be explained with "Skeletons in the closet" If you have the urge to do something bad, then t (MORE)

Why are there demons?

Demons hold many connotations across a diverse playingfield of religions. Each religions puts demons in a differing place and level of importance or influence. In the Christia (MORE)

Are fairies demons?

No. Fairies are imaginary creatures of fantasy; in short, they are not real. In some stories, all fairies are good while in other stories (Labyrinth, for example) fairies are (MORE)

What can demons do to you?

If you are a student of Christianity and scripture, they can do literally nothing that you do not permit them to do. They allegedly can try to influence you, but if you have d (MORE)