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What is demurrage?

the detention of the ship by the freighter beyond the time allowed for loading, unloading or sailing. in business terms it is the amount which is paid as a compensation due to ( Full Answer )
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Can a shipping agent be sued for damages for failing to deliver bill of lading resulting in demurrage borne by the consignee?

In my opinion everything depends on the content of the contract document signed before the shipment of the cargo.This is because the characteristics of the cargo is taken into ( Full Answer )
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Once demurrage always on demurrage means?

once on demurrage always on demurrage clause means that once a charterer use all the laytime allowed to perform loading and/or discharging operation all time passed thereafter ( Full Answer )
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What is a demurrage analyst?

A demurrage analyst deals with demurrage tanker voyage claims. Theydeal with the items on these claims like issuance, negotiations,settlements, and accurate reviews to boost d ( Full Answer )