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What is the significance of an insurance company demutualizing?

This means that the company is ceaseing to be a mutual company (owned by the policyholders) and is becoming a corporation. For a customer of that company it most likely means (MORE)

How do you claim prudential demutualization?

Prudential Demutualization occurred around 2002. You should check your state's unclaimed property website. If you have outstanding Prudential demutualization shares, this a (MORE)

How do you claim a demutualization membership payment?

From the IRS Tax Topic 430: If you elected to receive cash instead of stock in the tax-free reorganization, you are deemed to have received shares and then to have sold them b (MORE)
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What does the word 'demutualization' mean?

Demutualization is the process in which a organisation changes from being a customer owned to being shareholder owned. This kind of process could happen to an insurance compa (MORE)