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What does 1 denarius equal?

Answer . I think a denarius was roughly equivalent to one days wages for normal work. I read somewhere else that it was about $20, but I think it is hard to calculate and a (MORE)

What is the value of 300 denarius?

There are various ways of looking at this. The denarius was a silver coin about the size of a dime (US $0.10). Many references through history simply treat it as though it wer (MORE)

Who is face is on the denarius?

There were many different people whose faces were on the denarius. In republican times, the face was usually a mythical or symbolic person, such as a portrait of the Genius (o (MORE)

What is a Mark Antony Legionary Denarius worth?

It depends. Which Legion, and what kind of condition that coin is in determines its selling price. Some, with details, features and devices that are weak and worn smooth my fe (MORE)

What was the symbol for a denarius?

The original symbol for the denarius was an X because it was worth ten asses, so they used the Roman numeral for ten. (The as was a small bronze coin) However around 150 BC th (MORE)

What is talents denarius shekels?

Talent is a part of a weight system and monetary system. In weight, it is 34.2 Kg or 75.5 lbs. Denarius is a Roman silver coin weighing 3.85 gm and worth approximately 74 cen (MORE)