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What is Deng Xiaoping's responsibility system?

The responsibility system was part of Deng Xiaoping's four steps or "modernizations". They were Agriculture, Science and Technology, Industry, and Defense. The responsibility (MORE)

What was the Difference between Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping?

The leadership techniques of Mao and Deng were very different.  Despite this both leaders wanted to create economic, social and  agricultural reforms. Mao was much more sing (MORE)

What does 'deng' mean in Chinese?

There are many characters in Chinese that mean 'deng', but the most common ones would be: 等 Děng "to wait" 燈 Dēng "light (like a lamp)" 登 Dēng "ascend" All that matt (MORE)

Who was Deng Xiaoping?

Deng Xiaoping became China's powerful leader in 1977. At the time he was 72 years old . China was a very poor country.   Deng decided that free enterprise would help China' (MORE)
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What were Deng Xiaoping major achievements?

Deng created reforms in virtually all aspects of China's political, economic, and social life, restoring China to domestic stability and economic growth after the excesses of (MORE)

What are four modernizations and open door policy of Deng Xiao Ping?

The four modernisations of Deng Xiaoping are agriculture,  science and technology, industry and the military. Within  agriculture, Deng implemented a Household Responsibilit (MORE)