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Is this how you spell denying?

Yes. The word "denying" means stating that an account or allegation is false.   Example : "He refused to confess, denying that he was at the scene."
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What does denied with prejudice mean?

It means that whatever was asked of the court was denied, and, by adding the phrase "with prejudice" the judge declares that they will not even entertain another request.
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Why does he deny your relationship?

I think deep down inside he still must feel as if people find out he will not be more attractive to others. Its a way of being able to be "available" but wanting to still be i (MORE)

Does Danny o donoghue have a girlfriend?

In an interview in 'Hot Press' magazine, he talked about his girlfriend at the time, model, Irma Mali. However in a more recent interview he stated that he was single.
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Explain the neighbor principle as stated by Lord Atkins in Donoghue v Stevenson and its expansion development to professional duty of care?

It is simple to establish the existence of duty of care, it must be shown that at the time of the incident it was reasonably foreseeable that the defendant's conduct could cau (MORE)

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Why do guys deny liking you?

Because you may be ugly and they want to avoid being embarrassed. It's very hard to be a young man is today's world of relationships. There are so many things going on with th (MORE)

Denied without prejudice?

"Denied without prejudice" means that whoever had a request denied may refile his request. Usually a new request would contain more or different information.
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3 What was the Donoghue Vs Stephenson Case about?

  On 26 August 1928, Ms Donoghue drank a bottle of ginger beer, manufactured by Stevenson, which her friend had bought from a retailer and given to her. The bottle contain (MORE)
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Is deny a noun?

No, the word 'deny' is a verb (deny, denies, denying,  denied), meaning to declare not to be true; to refuse to grant; to  refuse to accept the existence or truth of somethi (MORE)