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When did spanking Dennis the menace cease?

I never recall corporal punishment- which is no laughing matter on any Dennis the Menace or any other comedy show. There is talk it might have been used in Andy Griffith regar (MORE)

What was Dennis the menace friends name?

There were several, the bespectacled and not-too pretty Margaret- often on the receiving end of Dennis" pranks, a younger boy called Pal Joey ( not the Runyon character) final (MORE)

Who were the cast in the tv series Dennis the menace?

Dennis the Menace (1959 TV series) had a cast consisting of : Dennis Mitchell, a well-meaning but trouble-prone boy. :Played by Jay North Henry Mitchell, father to Dennis an (MORE)

What happened to the cast of Dennis the menace?

Dennis the Menace (1959 TV series) : Dennis - Jay North lives in Florida , Henry Mitchell (Herbert Anderson) died June 11, 1994 , Alice Mitchell (Gloria Henry) - alive , Mr. G (MORE)

Where will you find Dennis the menace and minnie the minx?

"Dennis the Menace" and "Minnie the Minx" are characters from an English comic called The Beano, first published in 1951. Since 1970, the Dennis strip has been known as "Denni (MORE)

Are the character setting and dialogs realistic and timely in Dennis the menace?

They were for their time. Care is taken in practically all situation comedies to avoid too tight a chronology- one seldom sees calendars, characters do not normally observe bi (MORE)

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Who is the creator of the cartoon character Dennis the menace?

Hank Ketcham was the cartoonist involved. He worked an Italian family in as supporting characters. Gina Gilotti was a neighboring girl about Dennis" age. Misunderstandings of (MORE)