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What is scratch and dent mortgage?

  Answer   As it applies to mortgage loans, "Scratch and Dent" has come to mean any one or combination of 'defects' stemming from originations made outside a lender's (MORE)
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How can you avoid getting dents on your instrument?

1. Carry your instrument in a hard case, not a gig bag. 2. Simple... be careful and watch what you are doing 3. If the instrument gets a dent, do not try to remove it with (MORE)

Can you replace battery in Rota Dent?

According to the operators manual: "Because the power handle is a sealed unit for protection from moisture, and for infection control and protection of the patient and our e (MORE)
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What are scratch and dent appliances?

Scratch and dent appliances are appliances offered at a reduced cost due to scratches or dents. These are usually new, unused appliances that are offered at a significantly re (MORE)