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What are Caries zones in enamel and dentin?

enamel caries: surface zone, body of lesion, dark zone, translucent zone dentinal caries: desrtuction, penetration, demineralisation, sclerotic dentine enamel caries: surface ( Full Answer )
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Produces the dentin?

Ondontoblasts: specialized cells that reside in the outer margins of the pulp cavity, produce the dentin.
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Dentine Ice song?

The song in the Dentyne Ice commercial is called 'Stuttering (KissMe Again)'. It was a 2008 single by the UK band Ben's Brother.
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What is dentine?

a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth
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Where is dentin found?

Dentin is a material found in teeth. The dentin material found inteeth is just under the layer of enamel.
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What is Mammoth Dentin?

Dentin is one of the four main components of teeth. It makes up the layer beneath the tooth enamel. Mammoth dentin is simply the dentin from a mammoth's tooth.
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What is the function of dentine?

Dentin is what makes a tooth white in appearance. The purpose or function is to protect the bulk of the tooth and the pulp chambers, which contain the roots and blood vessels. ( Full Answer )
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Why the dentinal tubule is 'S' shaped?

Funny enough, not even dentists know why. For some reason at some point during development dentin tubules become secondary dentin and turn, forming that S looking pattern.
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What is the dentin of the tooth?

It is a yellow, bone-like material under the enamel and cementum. It contains nerve fibers.
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What are the Physical properties of tooth dentin?

The physical properties of the teeth include; 1. It beautifies ones appearance, a clean and shiny teeth enhance a good look 2. Teeth dentin makes the teeth clean, thereby, ( Full Answer )