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What is the definition of deontology?

de·on·tol·o·gy (dē'ŏn-tŏl ' ə-jē) n. Ethical theory concerned with duties and rights. Deontology is also the moral theory that focuses mainly o ( Full Answer )
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Is Ethical formalism teleological or Deontological?

The ethical formalisms' principle is to act only if the decision would be acceptable, and if it were a universal law, followed by everyone. This is a deontological system whic ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of Deontology?

Deontology is a system that states where we learn our morals andhow to abide by them. Typically, most morals come from God, or areligious deity. For example, God says that ste ( Full Answer )
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What is deontology theory?

The deontological theory is one that suggests people should stickto their duties. Whatever their ethical duties are, they should notdeviate from them at all since that is what ( Full Answer )
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What is deontological?

The word deontological refers to the morality of an action based onthat action's adherence to a rule. Another phrase more commonlyused is bind you to your duty.
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What is deontology?

Deontology is a specific area of studies. The areas of philosophystudies include obligation and the nature of duty of individualsand groups.
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Deontology and teleology in nursing?

Teleology is doing something that is GOOD for the majority of people. (Ex. taking money from a rich person to spread it amongst the poor.) Deontology is doing what is RIG ( Full Answer )
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What is forensic deontology?

Forensic Deontology is Forensic Dentistry in simple terms. They study the teeth of a dead body. Helps to identify the body.
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What are the strengths and weaknesses of deontology?

A common criticism of deontological moral systems is that they provide no clear way to resolve conflicts between moral duties. a deontological moral system should include both ( Full Answer )
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Are the Ten Commandments teleological or deontological?

A: Deontology is the study of duty; teleontology is concerned with the purpose behind an action. The first three commandments are essentially different ways of saying to wor ( Full Answer )