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Where did the Titanic depart from?

The Titanic departed from Southampton in England. It sailed via Cherberg and Queenstown On its way to New York.Obviously she did not make it! At Southampton, New England The T (MORE)

What does a marketing department do?

A marketing department helps support the organization's strategy.  The director and representatives carry out campaigns that will  persuade consumers to purchase their produ (MORE)

Will there be a The Departed 2?

The Departed 2 is currently under development and Mark Wahlberg announced last November that Brad Pitt who produced the first movie and Robert De Niro who was to play Martin S (MORE)

What is the production department?

They produce what the company wnats to sell. If a toy company wants to sell teddys then the production department will make teddy. They will turn raw materials iinto teddys.
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What is the labor department for?

The labor department exists to help American workers out if there is ever a problem with their place of employment. If you get injured on the job and your boss refuses to do a (MORE)

What are the hotel departments?

The departments of the Hotel are I. Rooms Division (incl. Front Office) This very department provides the services guests expect during their stay in the Hotel, the Rooms Div (MORE)
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What is cemtex department?

I doubt that it is related to your EPF (employee provident fund). So money is debited to the bank account which you would have asked to debit your provident fund money.

The dear departed?

IN THIS we can say that money were dear to both the sisters but when the truth revealed in front of abel the money only departed from them.

What does a fire department do?

Fire departments nowadays are asked to do many more things then they were in the past. Firefighters today are expected to be able to take care or medical calls, Car accidents, (MORE)