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Functions of IT department?

The IT department has various functions. For instance, they makesure that the company server and website are up and running.

What are the Departments in the Philippines and who are the secretaries of the departments?

DEPARTMENTS OF THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT The following are the different departments of the Philippine government, and the names of their secretaries. (2014) - see related (MORE)

What responsibilities state department war department and treasury department have?

The United States Department of War, also called the War Department (and occasionally War Office in the early years), was the United States Cabinet department originally respo (MORE)

What is the cardiology department for?

Like many medical specialties, Cardiology is another specialty that deals with treatment of heart related defects and diseases. A doctor who specializes in the study of heart (MORE)

Where do depart from Antarctica?

Travelers departing from Antarctica generally leave from wherever they have visited. There is no commercial air travel service to or from the Antarctic continent. Tour boats (MORE)