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How do you depart a demon?

Exorcism is a practice that claims to drive evil spirits or demons out of a person, to relieve alleged symptoms of mental illnesses or other unusual behaviour. However, we no (MORE)

What is department orders?

In reference to the military, department orders are the orders that  are issued by the Department Commander. Another type of department  orders are the Department Organizati (MORE)

What is a concierge department?

A concierge (French pronunciation: [kɔ̃sjɛʁʒ]) is an employee who lives on the premises of an apartment building or a hotel[citation needed] and serves guests with duties (MORE)

What is the opposite of depart?

The opposite of to depart is to arrive. The opposite action (when present) is to stay.
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What is inpatient department?

  Inpatient" means that the procedure requires the patient to be admitted to the hospital, primarily so that he or she can be closely monitored during the procedure and af (MORE)

Where did the Hindenburg depart from?

  Hindenburg's main German terminal for passenger operatrions was Frankfurt, although it sometimes departed from its home base in Friedrichshafen, Germany. In the United S (MORE)

What is laundry department?

A laundry department is where the washing gets done in hotels such as the bed linen and if guests would like to have their clothes washed, ironed or just pressed
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