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What are its subdivision of anthropogogy?

Anthropogogy is the science that studies the way students acquire or learn a language. Its subclassification is: Paidogogy deals with learning processes aged up to 5. Peda (MORE)

What are subdivisions of astronomy?

- Astrophysics - Observational astronomy - Radio astronomy - Astrometry - Galactic astronomy - Extragalactic astronomy - Stellar astronomy - Solar Astronomy - (MORE)

What are the subdivisions of zoology?

Phylum Specific Branches: •Acarology The study of tics and mites •Anthropology The study of apes (and man) •Carcinology The study of crustaceans •Conchology Th (MORE)
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What are the subdivisions of geology?

Mineralogy is the study of minerals. Petrology is the study of  rocks. Geochronology is the study of the ages of geological events.  Geomagnetism is the study of the Earth's (MORE)

What are the subdivisions of geography?

There are many. Although I am not a geographer, as far as I understand it, geography is the study and use of spatial distribution. So long as something is spacialy distributed (MORE)