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Where is wizard whitebeard in department store?

He is in the top right hand corner of the picture, behind the vacuum cleaners. He is right behind the screen where the brown haired man with the blue suit is standing with a w (MORE)

What does a grocery store department manager do?

They are constantly ordering merchandise and checking onhands to make sure the stores inventory of said merchandise is accurate so it can replenish itself automatically.. They (MORE)

Is Walmart a department store?

Yes it is. Although it is a common misconception that stores such as Target and Walmart are not department stores because they do not have check outs in individual departments (MORE)

What was the first department store?

The first department store in the United States was Zions Cooperative Mercantile Instution (ZCMI) in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was founded in 1868 and individual stores were b (MORE)

What is the Lilycove Department Store Sale?

check the tv EVERYWHERE you go because rarely it will say the lilycove department store will be having a close out sale in _ days. On the day of the close out sale there will (MORE)

What are Hess's department store coins?

  Hess's gift certificates were in the form of a "coin" that were presented or packaged in a box that resembled a jewelry box that a bracelet or necklace would be packaged (MORE)

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