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What is departmentation?

When you have a huge job to be done, just like a big commercial organization has, it becomes difficult to manage each and everything by your own because you have to keep recor (MORE)

What is functional departmentalization?

Functional Departmentalization- Putting jobs that do similar activities together into a single department. Functional departmentalization - Grouping activities by function (MORE)

What is departmental undertaking?

it is the traditional and oldest form of a public enterprise wherein the aggregate investment is made by the government, a private party is debarred from investing in it,finan (MORE)

What are departmental objectives?

The aims or goals of a business are set to the department. Might be developed by the departmental heads in conjunction with those who set organizational objectives. Objectives (MORE)
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What is departmentation by function?

The process of grouping various activities into separate units is called departmentation. Departmentation can be made on the basis of functions or product handled. When the de (MORE)
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What are departmental teams?

it is a team that is in a company and they work together in departments to compleate particular tasks
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What do you mean by departmentation?

The word departmentation generally refers to the process of grouping jobs into different logical units. It is the process of categoring an organisation based on departments to (MORE)