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Where is France?

France is located in Western Europe and is bordered by: Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to the east, The Mediterranean Sea and Spain to the (MORE)

What do you where in France?

France sent Denim jeans to California in the 1500 so workers could have something to wear and they became more and more popular now people in France wear them sometimes and gi (MORE)
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How many departments does France have?

France has now (the latest, Mayotte having been created in 2011) 101 départements; 96 are located in mainland France, and five are oversea départements. France has now (the (MORE)
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What is the largest department of France?

In mainland France, the three largest departements are in the "Aquitaine" region; they are from biggest down:   - Gironde (Bordeaux) (10 000 sq km)   - Landes (Mont de (MORE)

Is Tahiti a department of france?

No. French Polynesia, of which Tahiti is the largest island, is an  overseas country in France, not an overseas department. Therefore,  its subdivisions, including Tahiti, a (MORE)

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