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What is the correct usage of 'dependent' and 'dependent'?

In British English, "dependent" is an adjective. E xample: "He is dependent upon his mother." "He is drug-dependent." \n . \n \n. \n In British English, "depend (MORE)

What is dependency?

When you count on someone to do something for you. Example: You depend on your parents to give you food, water, shelter, clothing, and love. (There are some more things that (MORE)

How dependable are you?

A person should be dependable when working. This means that theperson shows up to work on time and can perform their jobaccurately.

What is dependent?

Dependent means that something or someone relies on something else.Children are dependent on their parents or caregivers for example.

What is dependence?

Dependence is when something has to rely on another in order to thrive, such as a colony on its mother country, or a child on its parents.
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What is dependency-?

The official definition for dependency is "a dependent orsubordinate thing, esp. a country or province controlled byanother."