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If you are on section 8 can you sue them and the landlord for allowing you to live in deplorable conditions?

Answer . I cannot see how Section 8 (your local housing authority), and your landlord could both conspire to allow you to live in such deplorable conditions as you so claim ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word deplore in a sentence?

I deplore when people don't make an effort to use grammatical sentences. I have several more sentences for you. . I deplore teaching you how to do your own homework . ( Full Answer )
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What does deplorable mean?

bad, woeful, wretched, worthy of severe condemnation. Causing or being a subject for regret or grief as in 'thedeplorable death of a friend.' Or causing to be a subject for di ( Full Answer )
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Give you a sentence using deplorable?

That was a deplorable action, you villain. Putting a bomb beneaththe bleachers is a deplorable act.
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Can you make a sentence with the word deplore?

Social crtics deplore what they believe is a widespread decline in good manners. Only that's cheap. He got it from the Sadlier Oxford book.
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Violence is deplorable and I don't get it why people keep on killing?

don't worry about it... it doesn't happen to you unless you decide that is what is best for you... in general, it doesn't make a difference in the long run (over many lifetime ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for deplore?

The man was deplored for not going with the job he wanted instead of the hirer paying job
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What rule applies to the word deplore?

i dont know . ask a teacher instead of cheating shutup fool...this is the internet
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How do you use the word deplore?

Used in a sentence - I deplore having to answer this question. Just kidding, it was a blast! Commonly used referring to a person because it's an emotion.