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What is deportation?

Deportation is the act of deporting a person back to their mothercountry who does not have the rights to be in the country fromwhich they are being deported.
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How could you get deported?

hi there it is very and fairly simple to say that one could get deported if you have overstayed your visa,if you come as a visitor in the UK you must leave at the end of your (MORE)

How to deport your partner?

If your partner is in the United States illegally, then they can bedeported. To start the process of having someone deported, you mustcontact immigration.

When did deportation start?

essentially with the invasion of Poland. For example: When Hans Frank took Krakau as his headquarters he asked all Jews in non-essential jobs to leave the city, when only a (MORE)

Can you deport your son?

No, generally this is regarded as illegal (despite the one case of a U.S. family that deported their adopted Russian son back to Russia).
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Why would you be deported?

No passport - EVERYONE must have a passport to travel into and out of a country. Although it doesn't always happen, EVERYONE trying to enter another country without a valid pa (MORE)

What were the Nazi Deportations?

The NSDAP deportations were a series of massive expelling of individuals that were considered "Untermensch" or inferior people. These groups of people include Jews, Gypsies, P (MORE)

Where were Jews deported to?

Jews were deported to concentration/death camps or straight to a death camp. ------- or the ghettos.
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