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What is a deposit account control agreement?

Its an agreement generally used to perfect a security interest on a depository account maintained at a bank, where the owner of the account becomes a debtor to a third party ( (MORE)

How Does Recurring Deposit Account Works?

A normal fixed deposit means that you put in an amount and, after a specific period of time, you can withdraw it. Meanwhile, you do not touch the money or add to it. A recurri (MORE)

What are recurring deposit accounts?

  Answer   The Recurring deposit account is an account in the bank (or a Post office in some countries) where an investor deposits a fixed amount of money every month (MORE)

Can you do direct deposit if your name is not on the account?

No, you cannot have direct deposits into an account that you are not listed on. However, many account holders can add Power of Attorneys (POA) on their bank accounts, which is (MORE)

How do you deposit money to an account?

You haven't said whether the account in question is your own, or some other person's account, and the procedure is not exactly the same for those cases, however, if you go to (MORE)