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What do depressant drugs do?

Depressant drugs don't always make a person depressed.they slow down the functions of the central nervous system, this loses their concentration and co-ordination. they are al (MORE)

How do you get depressed?

if its latent, and a practically permanent condition you have, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. a mental illness Not neccesarily. Depression can be caused by problems (MORE)

Is cannabis a depressant?

Yes. Depressant drugs do not necessarily make you feel depressed. Rather, they slow down the central nervous system and the messages going to and from the brain to the body.
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Are you depressed?

The chances are that you are struggling with some form or level of depression - merely because you chose to ask this question. People who are not depressed are highly unlikely (MORE)
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Who has depression?

People who have depression generally seem withdrawn, and like they don't care about anything anymore. They are sad most of the time, not necessarily because of a recent event (MORE)

What do you do when your depressed?

You should first try to understand what's causing your condition,  and try to deal with that problem. If it doesn't help, the next  thing to do is find a good counselor and (MORE)

What is a depressent?

A depressant is any substance that slows the operation of the central nervous system; effects of depressants may include slowing brain function, decreasing heart rate or slowi (MORE)
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Who is vulnerable to depression?

People with underlying medical/mental disorders or illnesses, people in abusive relationships, people who have experienced their parents divorcing, people in low economic hous (MORE)