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Why is sleep deprivation bad for your health?

Derived from Wiki:    Because it can give rise to a wide variety of medical problems including:     aching muscles[5]  dizzyness and nausea  headaches  hall (MORE)
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What does depriving mean?

  Here are just some of the common meaning of the word "depriving."   1. to take something away from   2. to remove from office   3. to withhold something from
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How do you use the word deprive in a sentence?

Community Answer 1   I should not really deprive you of the opportunity making up a  sentence with the word deprive in it.    _____________________________________ (MORE)
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What is sensory deprivation?

Sensory deprivation is the blocking of the senses, such as placing someone in a tank, filled with water and the person is blindfolded and their hearing is blocked, as well. Sh (MORE)