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What is the prognosis of dermatomyositis?

The prognosis for someone with dermatomyositis is very good. 90percent of patients do very well for many years and remission iseven a possibility for some.
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What is the first symptom of dermatomyositis?

Dermatomyositis is often first apparent as a rash. The rash, which can be bluish-purple in color, reminiscent of bruising, typically occurs in patches on the face, neck, shoul ( Full Answer )
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Does dermatomyositis affect swallowing?

Some people have difficulty swallowing and chewing when the muscles of the face and esophagus are affected
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Is dermatomyositis inherited?

The disease is not directly inherited, although there may be some genetic sensitivity toward whatever triggers it
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What age does Dermatomyositis strike at?

Most often individuals either develop DM either between the ages of five and 14 or they do not develop it until they are over age 45
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What complications of Dermatomyositis are there?

Serious complications from DM include involvement of the muscles of the heart and lungs, difficulty eating and swallowing, and a tendency to develop cancer
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What happens in Dermatomyositis?

Immune system cells attack healthy cells of small blood vessels in the muscle and skin. Over time, this causes muscle fiber to shrink and sometimes cuts off blood supply to th ( Full Answer )
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When was dermatomyositis discovered?

The first cases of dermatomyositis were discovered by E. Wagner in1863 and P. Potain in 1875.