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Who are the dervishes of kurdistan?

Kurdistan does not have dervishes; you are likely thinking of Turkey proper. The Whirling Dervishes are a Sufi Order (specifically the Mevlevi Order) who believe that through (MORE)
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What is a whirling dervish?

In the realm of religious fanaticism a whirling Dervish was somebody who spun round and round until they got so dizzy they entered a prophetic state. It is interesting to note (MORE)
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What is a dervish?

A Dervish is someone treading a Sufi Muslim ascetic path. It is not an animal.
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What is dervish?

Dervish is a Sufi which meditates while spinning round and round (kind of a Turkish dance) the following picture shows that
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What are Dervishes?

Darvesh or Dervish ( Persian: درویش ), as it is known in European languages, refers to members of Sufi Muslim ascetic religious Tariqah, known for their extreme (MORE)
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Is the loaded dervish a good longboard?

The thing with longboarding is more about preference over anything. The quality of the board is good but I personally would go with a cheaper board that is just as good or eve (MORE)
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How do you use dervish in a sentence?

In the dictionary dervish is described as a member of one of the muslim frarertnity......or to profess poverty and lead an austere life. so it would depend what you were talki (MORE)
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What does dervishes mean?

\n. Dervishes are a sect within the Islamic Sufi movement, a kind of mystic. They are often called "whirling Dervishes" because they use twirling dances to work themselves in (MORE)
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What is meant by the saying whirling dervish?

Dervishes are the Muslim equivalent of Buddhist or Christian monks. They take a vow of poverty and beg or work in order to give to the poor. One meditation practiced by dervis (MORE)