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Are there any modern day descendants of Mozart?

  No. Only two of his six children survived childhood and neither had children. The last decendant of his sister died in 1919.
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Are there any modern day descendants of handel?

There are plenty of descendants from the Handel line, but none from the composer himself are known - he never married and died without any recognized heirs. That isn't to sa (MORE)

What are descendents?

  Descendants are relatives of a person that down from one generation to the next. Parent to child to grandchild to great-grandchild. As you can see, the direction is a de (MORE)

What was the action of the holy spirit descending on the day of pentecost?

The action of the Holy Spirit descended upon the head Mary,apostles and the disciples.Fifty days after the Resurrection at Pentecost the glorified Jesus Christ poured out the (MORE)

Who is a descendant?

A person's descendants are his or her children, grandchildren, great grand children great great grandchildren, etc., etc. That is, your descendants include anyone who can trac (MORE)

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