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What is desertification?

Desertification: The Gradual transformation of habitable land into deserts; usually caused by climate change or by destructive use of the land also, the definition of deser (MORE)
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Why does desertification happen?

The main reasons are: - Overgrazing by livestock. The natural vegetation is consumed faster than it can regrow. Land clearing of natural vegetation. The balance of the e (MORE)
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What is the problem of desertification?

There are many lists of the problems with desertification. If you want more you can find it in the Internet or Google. • One quarter of the earth's surface is threatened (MORE)

What are the solutions for desertification?

The prime cause of desertification is loss of ground cover. Thus, any strategy which seeks to enrich, sustain, and promote growth of ground cover plantlife will halt desertifi (MORE)
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What does desertification do to climate?

Desertification causes the area to have a lack of rain since there is a lack of vegetation. This will change the climate to an arid state.