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What is a design?

A design is the creation of a plan for the construction of anobject or a system artistic plan of a pattern. Design has differentconnotations in different fields. In some cases ( Full Answer )
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What is a designer?

someone who designs things like clothes or something like house's or accessories like shoes or necklaces that's what a designer means welcome
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What is designate?

Many times, leaders will designate duties amongst the group so thatno one person is overloaded. This means that they are appointingthem duties or responsibilities. The term is ( Full Answer )
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What does a designer do?

There are many types of designers, including clothing designers andhome designers. Clothing designers design many types of clothingand home designers help home owners choose f ( Full Answer )
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What is detailed design or logic design?

As the term suggests, a detaileddesign is more about designing a manufacturing process at the microlevel. It mentions the various modules, their functions andconstraints..
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When was German flag designed and who designed it?

The tricolor flag (black, red, gold) of modern Germany was designed by the republican movement that first met in 1832 at the Hambacher Fest. When popular revolutions were begu ( Full Answer )
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How a designer makes Structured Design?

Answer: Structured Design: Ma terials and member type, size, and configuration to carry loads in a safe and serviceable fashion. In general, structural design implies th ( Full Answer )
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Who designed the ancient arms and when was it designed?

The coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago was designed by a committee formed in 1962 to select the symbols that would be representative of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The ( Full Answer )
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How do designers make design portfolios?

The design portfolio should be a compilation of the designer's best designs. The best ones have been chosen from among all the designs completed. The portfolio has to be devel ( Full Answer )