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What is designation in Afrikaans?

bestemming, aanwysing, betiteling, benaming, benoeming. The first (bestemming) and second (aanwysing) one should be used with care as it can also mean destination and direct (MORE)

What is a responsible design?

Responsible /Reliable Design: The Products or Assembly we design have to be RELIABLE - For the function for which they are meant, With min wear, minimum manufacturing TIME (MORE)

What is input design and output design in system design?

Input design Input facilities the entry of data into the computer system. Input design involves the selection of the best strategy for getting data into the computer system at (MORE)

What is output design and output design in system design?

The output design during system design usually communicates all the  important milestones and problems that arise during system testing.  Output design proposes to the syste (MORE)

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How can design review improve design?

Design could improve design as the available design checked again  against requirements by another firm or person within the same firm  or the client or the developer. Depen (MORE)

What is design and interior design?

Design is the creation of a plan for the construction of an object  or a system. Design has many disciplines, such as interior design  is "the art or process of designing th (MORE)
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How are proteins designed?

Proteins are designed in a way to accomodate the body's many functions in a way that allows for them to benefit the body's many naural functions in a healthy system.
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What is detailed design or logic design?

All the details required to manufacture the  product is gathered. Including, but not limited to, selection of  manufacturing processes, materials, dimensions, tolerances and (MORE)