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Why is there censorship in A Streetcar Named Desire?

If you mean censorship there are many ways to answer that question.  In the 1951 movie, it was decided not to use the whole text of the  original play, which was used in ret (MORE)
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Is desire an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The word desite is a noun, or a verb.  There is a related adjective desirable that has an adverb form,  desirably.
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What rhymes with desire?

Empire require fire liar 1 syllable: dire, mire 2 syllables: briar, brier, buyer, choir, crier, drier, dryer, flier, flyer, friar, fryer, higher, hire, liar,prior, re (MORE)

Why is modulation necessary or desirable?

Modulation is required so that desirable information can be transmitted from one place to another via radio waves. our speech and other audible frequency have very long wavele (MORE)

When is friction desirable?

Friction is desirable on your tyres and brakes. Tyres need to grip the road, to push the car forward, stop and go round corners. Brakes need friction to stop the wheels turnin (MORE)
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Desirable properties of a manometric fluid?

(1) Must not be immiscible with other fluids (2) Must be easily seen (3) Should not be volatile (4) Should be denser than tested fluid
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What is desired investment?

Desired investment is a sum of money that a person is willing to  risk in order to make more money. Desired investment is also a sum  of money that a person might put away f (MORE)

Why is superheating desirable?

As you'll know, the amount of energy you can get from (say) steam, is limited by the difference between the hottest the steam is, and the condensation temperature. So if we (MORE)

What is the difference between HTC desire and HTC desire g7?

They are Borge the same size and shape but the G7 is a clone of the Desire, and it is cheaper than the original HTC Desire.
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What is desired concentration?

Out of context it is difficult to be more clear. But desired concentration could be though of as the strength or potency of a mixture that you want to end up with. Just in gen (MORE)