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How can you remove desire if removing desire is a desire?

You can't. Desire and aversion disappear "of their own accord" (to be overly simplistic) after you train your mind to be so focused that it can "see" desire and aversion comin (MORE)

What does desireable mean?

  Actually, desirable is how it is spelled. Desirable means "worth having or wanting; pleasing, excellent, or fine   If you would like to find other definitions, go to (MORE)

Why do desire to be an animator?

If you desire to be an animator, it means you love to draw things. Also, if you loved watching cartoons as a kid, that could be another reason. But the main reason you would d (MORE)
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What is desired concentration?

Out of context it is difficult to be more clear. But desired concentration could be though of as the strength or potency of a mixture that you want to end up with. Just in gen (MORE)
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What is desirable qualities?

well groomed,good looking,must keep personal hygiene,good communication skill have good local knowledge