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What is a desktop?

It has many icons placed on it . It is the front page of the computer. This, ^^, is partly right. The desktop is the screen your computer opens up to when you turn your comp (MORE)

How do you get desktop destroyer?

You can easily find the game Desktop Destroyer online. As it is a freeware you can play it for free. Just download desktop destroyer and then install it in 10 seconds. Star (MORE)

What is the computer desktop?

The desktop is the main computer screen that is visible when there are no open windows. It usually has a color, graphic, or photo background with icons for various shortcuts o (MORE)

What is the desktop in desktop publishing?

The desktop is the home screen for your operating system, not to be confused with your homepage for your internet connection. The desktop should contain a tool bar at the b (MORE)

What are the icons on desktop?

In the Windows operating system, desktop icons are shortcuts to programs that you can execute. To find out the program associated with an icon, right click on the icon and sel (MORE)

What you do if desktop is not coming?

if the desktop is not coming up or on it can be several things if its not coming up when its powered on it can be a corrupt windows file holding the start up process. if its n (MORE)
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What is unix for the desktop?

The desktop version is one in which certain server components are not installed because the desktop version is viewed as a personal user system, unlike a server.