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What is a desktop?

It has many icons placed on it . It is the front page of the computer. This, ^^, is partly right. The desktop is the screen your computer opens up to when you turn your comp (MORE)

What is the best desktop?

The best computer you can get is an 8 GB. Intel 23 inch screen, windows 7 1000 GB. hard drive with a built in blu ray player and DVD player.

What is the desktop in desktop publishing?

The desktop is the home screen for your operating system, not to be confused with your homepage for your internet connection. The desktop should contain a tool bar at the b (MORE)

How do you get a widget on your desktop?

If your computer operating system will allow widgets to run on your computer then you are half way there. Widgets are designed to run in a part of the desktop called the Dock. (MORE)

What is desktop virtualization?

The short answer is that desktop virtualization is a technology which allows a computer with minimal hardware and software (a thin client) to connect to another computer (a se (MORE)

Where can you get the Lenovo desktop?

A Lenovo desktop is available at any sort of major electronic device store such as Best Buy, Radio Shack. A lenovo desktop would also be available at major retail stores that (MORE)

What Is The Blackberry Desktop?

"Blackberry Desktop is a software that is available for download in order to coordinate links between your tablet, smartphone, email accounts, calendars and more. This softwar (MORE)

Is a desktop a laptop?

the desktop is the thing that you see when you start your laptop with the icons etc. the laptop is the computer (portable)