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What does despise mean?

Despise means to hate someone. More precisely and accurately, it means to look down upon withcontempt or to regard as negligible or worthless (according toMerriam-Webster). I ( Full Answer )
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Why are Jews despised?

Jews are despised for small and big reasons. Small reasons include petty ones, like they're generally successful and people get jealous of their cohesiveness, those who genera ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun for despise?

The noun forms for the verbs to despise are despiser, one who despises, and dispisal, the feeling of despise.
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Why south carolinians despised carpetbaggers?

Not just the South Carolinians, most southern states. It's because the war was between the north and the south. Carpetbaggers are northeners who moved south after the war and ( Full Answer )
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Use despised in a sentence?

A sport which is at once the best-loved and most widely despised will be seen in its brightest colors.
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Why you despise red foxes?

I don't despise them personally, but some reasons you may are: Foxes eat chickens and other livestock from farms Foxes are usually described as sneaky, shrewd, and cheati ( Full Answer )
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Is despised icon satanic?

I 99.99% doubt it. They never make songs about religion, as far as I've noticed, except for Day of Mourning, where they talk about a deceased friend and that they will meet ag ( Full Answer )
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Does Michelle Obama despise The US?

\n Certainly not. This is an old myth from 2008, when something she said to praise those who had chosen her husband as the nominee was taken out of context and then used as " ( Full Answer )
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Who are the former members of Despised Icon?

The band Despised Icon is a band from Montreal, Quebec. Research has shown that there are a total of 10 former members who include Eric Jarrin, Stevew Marois, Al Glassman, Ma ( Full Answer )