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Directions to Dessau Dance Hall?

I assume you mean the one in Austin, TX that is holding their Grand Openning tonight at 7 p.m.. Location is: 13422 Dessau Road, Austin, TX. Can't give you directions without (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Masja Dessau been in?

Masja Dessau has: Played Tanja in "Weekend" in 1962. Played Daughter in "Fader min" in 1975. Played Susanne in "John, Alice, Peter, Susanne og lille Verner" in 1975. Played Je (MORE)

What were the pitching stats for baseball player Rube Dessau playing for the Boston Doves in 1907?

In 1907, Rube Dessau pitched in 2 games for the Boston Doves, with an ERA of 10.61. He started all games and finished 0, pitching a total of 1 complete game. He threw no shuto (MORE)