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What is a destination club?

Destination clubs are a new and growing concept in the luxury vacation industry, featuring the best characteristics of second home ownership, five-star amenities and service. (MORE)

What is Destination Management?

Destination management refers to managing all aspects of a 'destination', which is usually an event. For example: ABC= destination management company Company X=ABC's cli (MORE)
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What is FOR destination?

No information was found for destination. FOB destination is anacronym for Freight on Board or Free on Board.

What is the meaning of destination?

The destination is the (intended) ending point of a journey or travel activity. In some cases, locations along the way may be referred to as "intermediate destinations" rather (MORE)
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What was Abraham's destination?

Abraham's destination was the land of Canaan. God told Abraham (Genesis ch.12) to "go to the land that I willshow you." Interestingly, the following verses state that Abrahamj (MORE)

What is destination sheet?

The destination sheet is the sheet that includes the cell or cells to which something is being pasted or moved. Sheets are identified by the tabs along the bottom of the workb (MORE)