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What are all hats in Monster Slayers?

Dragon Helm - +3 max damage Steel Helm - +50 health Golden Mask - +3 armor Bishops Hat - +40 Hp Crusader Helm - +3 armor Red Band - +10% Critical Golden Circlet - +1 armor Mi (MORE)
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Does Zubaba Knight cancel the effect of the destroyed monster?

No part of Zubaba Knight negates effects but since it destroys the  monster at the start of the Damage Step it might mean that some  monster effects would be unable to activ (MORE)

Where are all the parts to Monster McQueen?

  Okay, once you've gotten the task from Luigi to go find the three parts for McQueen, you need to find a horn, some tires, and some shocks. They're all to the west of Lui (MORE)

Does a flip effect activate when the monster is destroyed by the effect of another monster?

Flip effects will activate if flipped manually by Flip Summon, or when attacked. Also must include "FLIP" in all caps for its effect to activate, or say 'when this card is tur (MORE)

How do you get all the monsters in mix a monster?

1.rock, spring, cheese, snail = Red Disco Ball Monster 2.sock, spring, cheese, snail= Robo Dino with Lazer Eyes 3.sock, rock, cheese, snail= Green Booger-Eating Monster 4.s (MORE)

What are all the monsters in The Odyssey?

Well it's difficult to express which were 'mosters' but in Odysseus' adventures on his way home from Troy to Ithaca, he accounters many. The Cicones who were human beings, The (MORE)

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How do you get all the Moshlings on Moshi Monsters?

To attract Moshlings you need to plant three seeds in your garden.  You buy seeds from the stand on Main Street or at the Port. Each  Moshling has a different combination so (MORE)

What would happen if all the trees were destroyed?

If all of the trees were gone, we wouldn't have a very high oxygen content in the air. Less oxygen less humans.   Answer   If all the rainforests were destroyed the wor (MORE)

What are all the codes for Moshi Monsters?

Secret codes are supplied with physical items such as MoshiMonsters books, trading cards, gift packs and toys. They cansometimes also be found on the Daily Growl. Most codes a (MORE)