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What is the size of a destroyer?

How big is a Destroyer? . The size of a destroyer has varied over time. The moderndestroyer is bigger than some of the cruisers of WWI. They are notthat much smaller than som (MORE)

What is the destroyer?

Well, "a" destroyer is a type of warship.. "the" destroyer usually indicates a synonym for Satan. He is called the betrayer and the destroyer sometimes.

How do you get desktop destroyer?

You can easily find the game Desktop Destroyer online. As it is a freeware you can play it for free. Just download desktop destroyer and then install it in 10 seconds. Star (MORE)

What does a destroyer do?

IT DESTROYS!!!!!. In the late 1800's they were called "torpedo boat destroyers." As years went by the name was shortened, just as "battle-ships of the line" became battlesh (MORE)

Who is the Canadian Destroyer?

A wrestler named Petey Williams. He is most notably known for his few years in TNA. He is currently wrestling on the independent circuit. His finishing move is also called The (MORE)

Who is the destroyer in Hinduism?

There is no Such thing as Hinduism, its real name is Sanatan Dharma and it is more of a culture and not a religion. The word "Hindu" is the warped version of the word "sindhu" (MORE)

Who is Blackhand the Destroyer?

Blackhand the Destroyer was warchief of the Horde during the first war between the Orcs and Humans. He is the one responsible for the Demonic taint on the Horde, and the inclu (MORE)
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How can science is as a destroyer?

Science is the study of our surrounding environment and by doing so we human can manipulate the world and even the universe soon. This can prove to be fatal if the moral of hu (MORE)