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What are details?

Common Noun The plural details means the specifics \nor finer points of a concept, construct, or composition. The word can \nalso apply to a group of military personnel as (MORE)
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What were the details of blitzkrieg?

During World War II, the German 'blitzkrieg' (or, 'lightning war')tactics consisted of armored vehicles and motorized infantryclosely supported by airplanes. A breakthrough wo (MORE)
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What is detailed?

"Detailed" has many meanings. In the military it means assigned to certain duties. It can also mean characterized by abundant use of detail or thoroughness of treatment, or ha (MORE)
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What is a detailed hypothesis?

A hypothesis is a statement/prediction that will be further explored to see if it is correct.
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What is a detailed sentence?

A detailed sentence is a sentence that has complete detail, so that when someone reads the sentence, they understand what your sentence is explaining or talking about.
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What is detail selling?

A detail sales job involves providing information to a decision maker. Detail salespeople are most often seen in the pharmaceutical industry. They provide pharmacists and phys (MORE)
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What are details for braces?

Whhhew, there are many many details for braces... let's see if I can get most of them . Make appointments with your dentist. Don't go more than a month without seeing him (MORE)
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What is detailed reading?

Detail Reading is a great way of reading and getting lots of information from a peice of writing.