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What is detail in literature?

In literature, detail refers to the imagery and other literary  techniques that the author uses to put the reader into the scene.  If an author has included plenty of intere (MORE)

What is a protective detail?

It's a slang expression usually referring to a group of protective guards, or bodyguards surrounding someone they are assigned to protect. (e.g.: the US Secret Service detail (MORE)

What is inferring details?

Inferring is when you use the clues around you to figure out what is happening. For example, let's say you are reading a book. It starts of as saying "Once upon a time, Tim wa (MORE)

How do you detail your car?

Answer   We are often facing the question of what is the best way to achieve maximum results to detail a car. So I have decided to do a small write up of how "WE" do our (MORE)

What is a selection of detail?

Selection of detail- specific words, incidents, images, or events the author uses to create a scene or narrative.
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Which TV Dad Would You Be Most Like?

Find out which TV dad resembles you most! if (typeof _Qz !== 'undefined' && typeof _Qz['start'] === 'function'){_Qz.start();} if (typeof dataLayer == 'undefined' (MORE)

Which Spider-Man Villain Are You?

Which of Spidey's bad guys are you most like? if (typeof _Qz !== 'undefined' && typeof _Qz['start'] === 'function'){_Qz.start();} if (typeof dataLayer == 'undefi (MORE)

What are sensory details?

of or pertaining to the senses or sensation. A literary device to engage and effect the reader. And to make solid images in the mind. (sight, sound, smell, touch & taste.)
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Details of statistics?

Statistics are used in daily life for many different purposes.  These include predicting trends, research, verify information, and  analyzing data.
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What are descriptive details?

Descriptive details are for example: weight, eye color, hair color, weight. If you say the sentence "The girl is standing.", you could be talking about any girl in any place. (MORE)

Details of dinosaurs?

  the stegosarus has plates and spikes on its back and tail, the triceratops has three horns on its head, the pterasaur can fly and has a big crest on its head, velocirapt (MORE)

What is detailed?

"Detailed" has many meanings. In the military it means assigned to certain duties. It can also mean characterized by abundant use of detail or thoroughness of treatment, or ha (MORE)