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What is detente?

From late sixties, there is a general shift in East-West relationsfrom the tensions of the cold war to the compulsions andimperatives of detente, especially in the matter of m (MORE)

How do you get out of detention?

To stay out of detention, follow the school rules. Other tactics include:. Apologize profusely to the teacher or professor. You may have to cry, or later bring a present. . (MORE)

How do you get a detention?

Detention offenses vary from school to school, but here are some examples of things you should avoid doing if you do not want detention: . Don't do your homework . Answer b (MORE)

How do you get out of a detention?

If you are starting a detention, you could make an excuse to the teacher and tell them you have to get something, but then when you are in the hall you can get your stuff and (MORE)

What do you get detention for?

we get detention for: . 1. Persistent classroom disruption.. 2. Fighting.. 3. Snowball or rock throwing.. 4. Disrespect of school personnel, school supervisors, and lunc (MORE)

What do you do after detention?

I think you should calm down and not freak out about how your going to kill the teacher. At my school we don't do detention on Friday afternoons. Probably because you have a d (MORE)

How do you get in detention?

YOU SHOULD NOT TRY AND GET DETENTION, but here are some ways. Don't do your homework, skip lessons, be late for school, talk when the teacher is talking, throw stuff at you (MORE)

Why do you have detentions?

I got detention for leaving my backpack by my desk, several class detentions, and detention for trying to escape from detention.