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What is a detent switch?

It's a latching push button switch. To operate this type of switch, you press the button, which then latches into place. To switch off, you press the button again, which retur (MORE)

Is it illegal to skip detention?

No, and it is definitely not smart. Added: It is NOT an invitation to attend, it is an order to surrender yourself.
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What is subsidiary imprisonment?

Subsidiary imprisonment is sometimes imposed in the event an  accused person who has been found guilty of a crime and is unable  to pay the fine they were ordered to pay. Th (MORE)
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What is Punitive Detention?

Punitive detention is the detention as a punishment for the crime committed by an individual. It takes place after the actual commission of an offence or at least after an att (MORE)

What is false imprisonment?

  Answer   This definition belongs in the legal questions category. Anyway, it's a criminal charge against someone who has kept another person from seeking help. An (MORE)

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What pope was imprisoned and where?

  Probably most famously Pope Pius VII was taken prisoner by Napoleon, but other times the Pope has been attacked by Princes as well.
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Do detention centers serve purpose?

detention dos serve a purpose because when a child does something wrong like fighting, vandalism, back chatting and littering... they should get detention...detention is there (MORE)

What is no detention policy?

The 'No Detention Policy' is a Govt. of India's initiative according to which no student can be detained in one standard for more than one academic year. It was being talked o (MORE)

What do you get detention for?

we get detention for:   1. Persistent classroom disruption.   2. Fighting.   3. Snowball or rock throwing.   4. Disrespect of school personnel, school supervisor (MORE)