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Where does detergent come from?

A very common misconception regarding laundry detergents is that they are soaps. Modern detergents have no soap content at all. They are mostly petrochemicals derived from cru ( Full Answer )
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Is 2x detergent HE detergent?

No, 2x liquid detergent is simply the same stuff as before but concentrated. You use half as much and get the same effect as with the regular stuff.. There are a number of re ( Full Answer )
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What are detergent?

An organic salt similar to soap, except that detergeants do not form soap scum in hard water
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What does detergent have in it?

Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of long chain alkyl or aryl sulphonates or sulphates e.g., sodium alkyl sulphonate, sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate, etc.
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Why are detergents dangerous?

you could die and kill yourself..why not eat food instead? besides, oreos are way better. especially double stuff
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Do detergents have bleach?

Most detergents do not have bleach. Some have "color safe" bleach, like OxyClean or some other oxygen bleach.
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What is biodegradable detergent?

detergent which decompose by the action of bacteria in to simple compound is called biodegradable detergent.
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What are soaps and detergents?

SOAP . safeguard . palmolive . giv . DETERGENTS . ariel . tide . champion . pride . downy .
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What is the sentence of detergent?

Using too much detergent in a washing machine may cause the kitchento fill with soap suds.
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What is an anionic detergent?

An anionic detergent is a detergent in which the lipophilic part of the molecule is an anion.