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Do magnets deteriorate?

Yes, the strength of the magnets does deteriorate. This is why itis extremely important to correctly store the magnets.
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A sentence with deteriorated?

The word 'deteriorated' is the past tense of the verb todeteriorate. Example: The farmhouse had deteriorated over the decades.
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What is physical deterioration?

The Change in volume of structure due to temperature variation,freezing and thawing,unexpected deformations cracking etc.,causes physical deterioration.
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How does wood deteriorate?

Moisture content is the critical factor that makes wood susceptible to decay. It must exceed 28%, and liquid water must be present in cell cavities before decay fungi can gain (MORE)
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Can a skeleton deteriorate?

yes ur bones can break and be shaved down so yes your skeleton can deteriorate
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Why do bridges deteriorate?

Some bridges deteriorate due to weather and because so many trucks and cars drive over it and it creates stress on the bridge
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What is environmental deterioration?

Deterioration , from Latin deteriorare "to make worse", from deterior "lower, worse" ~the environment is worsening its condition
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What rhymes with deteriorate?

inferior date nearer the fate posterior gate the terrier ate superior weight the Mother Superior ate an eerier fate at a scarier rate an air so sedate
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What does deteriorates mean?

It can mean to be run down (building) or spoil (food). He didn'tmake repairs to the house and now it has really deteriorated andcan't be sold.