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What is determinance?

In psychology, determinance is the perceived causality which persons suffering from certain mental illnesses desire over all events, ideas and persons within their range of pe (MORE)
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What is a determiner?

    A determiner is a word that comes before a noun and points it out without describing it the way that an adjective does.     The articles "a" and "the" are d (MORE)

What is determined?

Definitions of determined on the Web:   * characterized by great determination; "a struggle against a determined enemy"  * having been learned or found or determined espec (MORE)

What are Determiners?

Determiners are things, or people, that makes decisions for  something or someone else. They are sure to be followed by a noun.  Examples are: the, some, our, and this.

What can a determination do?

Determination is one the greatest assets we can possess.   1.Determination is the tool we use to overcome temporary failure to prevent failure from becoming permanent.  (MORE)

Who determines supply and who determines demand?

The brilliant thing is that no-one has that job. The buyers determine the demand, without colluding, and the sellers determine the supply. If they get it right, demand equals (MORE)
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What is determinants?

The official definition for the word determinant is "a factor that  decisively affects the nature or outcome of something."
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Is to a determiner?

No, the word 'to' is a preposition, an adverb, and an  infinitive marker (used before the base form of a verb to  show that the verb is in the infinitive).    A deter (MORE)