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What is a determiner?

    A determiner is a word that comes before a noun and points it out without describing it the way that an adjective does.     The articles "a" and "the" are d (MORE)

What can a determination do?

Determination is one the greatest assets we can possess.   1.Determination is the tool we use to overcome temporary failure to prevent failure from becoming permanent.  (MORE)

What are Determiners?

Determiners are things, or people, that makes decisions for  something or someone else. They are sure to be followed by a noun.  Examples are: the, some, our, and this.

What are the determiners of population?

There are different kind of population determiners. There's density dependent: Which means it depends on population's size, for example, if there is limited food, its not eno (MORE)

What does determine mean?

The word "determine" means "find" or "work out" as in:   Determine the product of 2 and 6.   It can also mean to "settle" - put and end to.
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What determines a line?

Two points determines a line
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Who determines supply and who determines demand?

The brilliant thing is that no-one has that job. The buyers determine the demand, without colluding, and the sellers determine the supply. If they get it right, demand equals (MORE)

How is a day determined?

People used to throw a slab of meat in the air every minute, and they counted each one and then judged the day. This method was used until hundreds of people would die from th (MORE)
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What are elements determined by?

if you know the definition of an element you could easily determine what it is: " an element is a substance containing only one type of atom and no others " so any compound th (MORE)
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What is determinants?

The official definition for the word determinant is "a factor that  decisively affects the nature or outcome of something."
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