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Is detoxification possible through alternative medicine and herbal treatments?

Detoxifying is actually only possible with alternative therapies, because the orthodox establishment refuses to accept that heavy metal toxins such as aluminum and mercury are (MORE)
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What is the cyanide detoxification process?

Is the process which involves the addition of chemicals like SMBS (Oxidizing agent),Hydrogen peroxide nso as to lower the effect of Cyanide and lead to the formation of Cyanat (MORE)
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Why does an alcoholic go through detoxification when trying to become sober?

Because alcohol is addictive - just like any other drug. The patient's body craves a 'fix' of alcohol, and if they don't get it, they get withdrawal symptoms - just as a heroi (MORE)

What is the site of free radical detoxification?

Peroxisome   "Peroxisomes, like lysosomes, are enzyme-containing sacs. However, their oxidases have a different task. Using oxygen, they detoxify a number of harmful substa (MORE)
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Can carrot juice be used for detoxification?

Absolutely, freshly extracted carrot juice is a major part of a juice (general health) detoxification.
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What is the main organ of drug detoxification?

The liver processes most drugs, although the efficacy of a drug is also determined by its effectiveness to reach the target area desired. For instance membranes play a large p (MORE)
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What vitamins are the best for detoxification of opiates?

There are not a lot of "natural" ways to lessen withdrawls from opiates. Plenty of water, because your body will be flushing itself out. Vitamin C and B to help with your fati (MORE)
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What does detoxification mean?

  Basically,  detoxification means cleaning the blood. This is done by  removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are  processed for elimination. Th (MORE)
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Why is phase 2 reaction also known as true detoxification process?

Phase I either directly neutralizes a toxin, or modifies the toxic  chemical to form activated intermediates which are then neutralized  by one of more of the several phase (MORE)