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What does detriment mean?

Answer . det·ri·ment 1. Damage, harm, or loss: took a long leave of absence without detriment to her career. See synonyms at disadvantage. 2. Something that causes d (MORE)

What does detrimental mean?

The meaning of the word detrimental is something that is harmful orcan be injurious. For example, a sentence with this word can be 'Itis detrimental to ones health to eat high (MORE)
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How does detrimental ozone form?

Ozone is produced when molecular Oxygen absorbs ultraviolet energy and the electrons are excited to a higher level that allow an unstable O3 to form. The Ozone O3 wants to dro (MORE)

How Can Excessive Praise be detrimental to children?

The key here is "excessive praise." Children do thrive on the rightkind of praise, and studies overwhelmingly show that positivereinforcement works better than punishment in c (MORE)