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What is the number after 'deus'?

The English equivalent of the Latin word 'deus' is 'god' Instead, the correct Latin word is 'duo'. The number before 'duo' [2] is 'unus' [1] if the object or person is male, ' (MORE)
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Where can you download deus ex for free?

I checked for you if there is a website where you can download Deus ex for free. But There is no site where you can download Deus Ex for free. However, you can buy Deus Ex GOT (MORE)

Why is the deus ex series reffered to as deus ex?

Deus ex is Latin. Loosely translated it means "Like god". Deus ex is all about human augmentations and cyborganics that are all controlled by huge corporations. Each augmentat (MORE)