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What does major agit deus mean?

Latin; a direct quote from Virgil's Aeneid. Seen on  apothecary signs, it means "God is the more powerful  agent/mover/actor" -- appropriate since the pharmacist is only the (MORE)

What does Deus te mean?

In Latin, Deus is the word for "God" and te is the word for "you" (singular), but Deus te doesn't express a compete thought; we're missing a verb (at least). Still, we can tel (MORE)

Is deus ex a scary game?

No, it's an action, science fiction and cyberpunk game. This game has no gore and the violence level is lower than other mature-rated games.
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What is the meaning of 'sanctus deus'?

The phrase 'sanctus deus' means the holy god . In the word-by-word translation, the adjective 'sanctus' means 'holy, sacred'. The noun 'deus' means 'god'.
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What does carpe deus mean?

"Seize the god." However, that phrase is grammatically incorrect. "Deus" means "god," and used in that sentence, it should be an accusative instead of a nominative. Therefor (MORE)

What is 'In Deus EGO Fides' in English?

These are the words "In", "God", "I", and "trust" translated, one by one, into Latin. However, they are far from a grammatical sentence. Deus is the wrong form to be the objec (MORE)

What does Ditat Deus mean in English?

Ditat is the third person singular form of dito, ditare which means  'to enrich'. Deus is a nominative form of dues, di which translates  to God. The phrase itself, 'Ditat D (MORE)

What is the definition of deus ex machina?

latin for 'God in the machine'. In olden days when people wrote plays they sometimes got them so convoluted and complex the only way to resolve it was to have some God descend (MORE)