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What is developmental learning?

understanding human anatomy and human's interaction,behavior,genitals with the environment which helps humans to grow in a social setting.

What is a developmental crisis?

  * Developmental crises: Normal transitional stages that often trigger crisis states, which all people pass through while growing through the life span. In other words, (MORE)
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What is a developmental checklist?

A developmental checklist helps you keep track of those developmental steps/tasks for your child, during the critical 18 years of live. And it helps you verify that your child (MORE)
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What are the developmental changes?

Developmental changes are the changes that occur naturally as  something develops. With children, for example, developmental  changes include the ability to get along with o (MORE)

Is stuttering affected by developmental delays?

Researchers claim that children with other speech and language problems are more likely to stutter than those who do not. Being under stress, overly tired, or having any extre (MORE)

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