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What is the number of the devil?

Most people believe the number of the devil to be 666, and so it is considered by many Christian and Jewish communities to be dreadfully unlucky. However, recent dispute has f (MORE)

What is devils luck?

The devil's luck is the kind of luck that turns back on you like say for instants if you have just won a million dollars your husband or wife leaves you for another man/woman. (MORE)

What does the devil do?

  The devil was angel once. Before he was cast out of heaven for wanting to be higher than God. Now he is very upset with God and wants to turn people against God. So he c (MORE)

Why is there a devil?

well there is a devil cause an angel thought he was greater than god and did not want to serve at all and god felt if that angel wanted to be a god that he should run his own (MORE)

What is be-devil?

It's actually "B-devil", and relates to those who have two B's in their names when only one is necessary. For example, the name Deb is quite adequate, but Debb denotes the dev (MORE)

Who is the devil in the movie Devil?

The plot of Devil (2010) is: A group of people are trapped in a skyscraper elevator. After a while, they discover that the Devil may be amongst them in human form. To tell (MORE)

Does devil have a son?

Not in the same physical sense as when "Christ became flesh." However... mankind became "Satan's adopted children" the day that Adam and Eve chose to obey and worship him. In (MORE)