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Who is the Devil?

Christian answer: The Devil was called Lucifer (meaning Bearer of Light) and Son Of The Morning when he was an archangel in heaven. He became prideful and rebelled against ( Full Answer )
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Is there a devil?

Answer 1: Some people think there is, some people think there isn't. Nobodyknows for sure because there's no proof. Answer 2: Whilst there is no physical proof for the ex ( Full Answer )
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Are there devils?

Answer: Yes there is. That devil is named Satan, and his demons.They try to blind people into thinking there not real, or that theyaren't powerful. But the truth is that they ( Full Answer )
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What is devil?

The Devil, is in Christianity, the ruler of Hell. . Actually, everybody on the earth is born with sin so everybody is bound for can't try to be a good person and ( Full Answer )
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Where is the devil?

Hell Answer: "...going to and fro in the earth, and... walking up and down in it." (Job 1:7) Bound in hell awaiting Judgement Day Revelations 20
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What does the devil do?

The devil was angel once. Before he was cast out of heaven for wanting to be higher than God. Now he is very upset with God and wants to turn people against God. So he can use ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the devil to answer you?

He has better things to do to answer ever single satinist that begs to get answers >.>
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Why is there a devil?

well there is a devil cause an angel thought he was greater than god and did not want to serve at all and god felt if that angel wanted to be a god that he should run his own ( Full Answer )
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Were is the devil?

Where else but hell. Answer Satan is not in Hell... yet . One day he will be bound forever. But right now, he is "ruler of the kingdom of the air" (Ephesians 2:2). And ( Full Answer )
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Who is the devil and what can he do?

Lucifer. Not all can be told about him, except for the thing that I know, is that he enjoys torture, the main pleasure of this realm, sex. He can go from hell to the land of t ( Full Answer )