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What is devotion?

pure love   Answer:   The knowledge that one would give up his life to protect or defend the other without question or hesitation. In other words...pure love.
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What is a devotional?

  A devotional is short one-page writing about a topic related to the Christian faith and life. They usually have a Bible verse or two on which they are based and are not, (MORE)
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What is blind devotion?

Blind Devotion is something like slavery. Where you force someone to do something they might not want to do without paying them. I personally think that it's not very fair AT (MORE)

What is something that you are devoted to?

My family ...and the pursuit of truth, especially proving the fraudulence of the moon landings. They were not real, I possess evidence of such and have discussed this evidence (MORE)

What is a devotion to your religion?

perhaps devotion to one's religion is one of the most beautiful things i have experienced in my life and i did mirrored signs of a lot of you, over things we don't talk but we (MORE)

What is a devoted Mormon?

A devoted Mormon is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) who actively practices their religion and participates in their congregat (MORE)
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What is the verb for devotion?

The verb of devotion is devote. As in the action "to devote oneself to something".
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Is devoted a verb?

yes it is.It is the past tense of devote. eg. She devoted herself to her career. Devoted is also an adjective. eg. They are devoted to their children.
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