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What does devout mean?

Usually a religious term. To believe in your church or your God without any questions. You know in your heart that it's right.. I devoutly believe the sun will rise tomorrow ( Full Answer )
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What are hinduism's requirements of devout adherents?

Don't: 1 . Do not destroy or injure anything 2 ( Full Answer )
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Devout in a sentence?

The Reverend said he was expecting only the most devout parishioners in a storm like this.
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What do devout muslims have to do?

The minimum that is expected from a Muslim is to have the followingbeliefs and practice five pillars and act on the teachings oft heQur'an and Sunnah. Basic Beliefs of the M ( Full Answer )
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How often do devout Muslims pray?

Muslims are required to pray 5 obligatory prayers a day. A Muslim may pray more than these, if s/he wishes.
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Where do devout Buddhists live?

I am not sure whether you mean where in the world or where in their communities, so I will answer both. Buddhists can be found on all continents except Antarctica (unless, ( Full Answer )
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Was Gandhi a devout Hindu?

yes. he is considered a devout hindu because of his goal of ahimsa and his teachings of non-violence and protest. .
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What does devout mean as a christian?

A born again Christian, one that has accepted Jesus Christ as the one and only way to heaven, and who then follows after Christ, not just in Biblical teachings but in their ev ( Full Answer )
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Is God a devout criminal?

In matters of religion, we all form our own opinions. It was also suggested by Depeche Mode that God has a sick sense of humor. Richard Dawkins has argued that belief in God i ( Full Answer )