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Where can I get DXM Dextromethorphan in Egypt?

It's hard to purchase pure DXM crystals here in Egypt, but fortunately some locally produced cough suppressants such as Bronchophane, Broncotec, and Tuscan, contain a fair dea (MORE)

Can you take Dextromethorphan and Clonidine together?

Yes, there was a scientific study published in a psyciatry journal  done at a medical school in israel than compared giving 300mg of  dxm plus clonidine to patients receivin (MORE)

Can Tylenol and Dextromethorphan be taken together?

  Yes, these products are often sold in combination together in various cold products and can be taken together. Tylenol is a pain killer, and dextromethorphan is a cough (MORE)