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What is dharma?

Dharma . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Sanskrit term Dharma ( help · info ) ( Devanāgarī : धर्म) ( Pali : Dhamma ) signi ( Full Answer )
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What is Karma and Dharma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word which means "action". It refers to the principle of cause and effect, according to which our experience now is the result of previous actions and all ( Full Answer )
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How dharma can be maintained?

In Hinduism, dharma is maintained when a person fulfills his or her duties. It is also fulfilled through virtuous living.
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What does Dharma stand for?

Dharma can be considered the path to enlightenment. It also carries a contextual meaning of duty and law. Perhaps the righteous or dutiful path to enlightenment would cover al ( Full Answer )
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Do untouchables have a dharma?

Everyone has dharma, dharma is ur way of life it does not discriminate agaisnt caste please do not use the word untouchable as it is wrong there s no such thing as an untou ( Full Answer )
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Where is the dharma kept?

The Darma can be written down but it can only fully exist in thebody, peech and mind of beings. So it can only really be kept inourminds.
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What is one's Dharma?

doing your duty correctly and able to answer your consciousness at end of the day.
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Did Buddha have dharma?

Dharma is the path and teachings that lead to enlightenment. Like the path followed by explorers to a new land, it is there before they use it but no one is aware of it. Like ( Full Answer )
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What is the defition of dharma?

The most direct answer for the word dharma, translating toEnglish, can be found by learning about the bīja ("seed")signification of Sanskrit letters (not to be confused w ( Full Answer )
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What is an untouchable's dharma?

for an untouchable, he should practice his duties and pray to gods.He should serve people of other castes.